Arran Theatre & Arts Trust - They Sang the Same Song

Arran Theatre & Arts Trust - They Sang the Same Song



The project aims to increase the involvement of our local schoolchildren (5-11 year olds) in the island's nature and landscapes by raising their awareness of the diverse habitats and species to be found here. Under expert guidance from NTS Countryside Rangers the children will explore some of the habitats: mountain, moor, woodland seashore, and learn about local biodiversity. In addition they will investigate the flora and fauna from 100 years ago using archive materials - written records, photos and film - to gain an understanding of what has changed and the factors that have influenced that change, (land management, tourism, social attitudes). This will help them develop a perspective on how people impact on the natural landscape and gain a greater understanding of the importance of responsible management to protect vulnerable species and habitats. (On Arran we have several SSSIs and other significant habitats and species.)

The project will be a hands-on practical experience that engages the participants through stimulating and creative activities. The site visits will provide opportunities for learning first-hand and developing skills in research, communicating, literacy, collaborative working, using digital media and the arts.


It has been identified that childern on the Island increasingly have little conception of their natural environment , what factors have determined the environment in which they now live and how this  compares with the 100 years ago.

This project will redress these issues, and will broaden childrens understanding and appreciation of where they live. By increasing awarness of the diversity of their enviroment at an early age, highlighting what has been lost or changed in that environment, it is hoped to instill a sense of their own roll and responsibilities as inhabitatnts of an Island community.  From the experiences provided by the project children will be healthier and happier, and more appreciative and perceptive of their environment.