The Parks Disc Golf Course

The Parks Disc Golf Course


There is a community will to create a disc golf course on Arran. Nine businesses have agreed to sponsor holes and kind permission from Lady Jean Fforde, Arran Estates, NAC, Arran Sports Association and The Ormidale Hotel has been granted for the use of their  ground. 

The purpose of this project is to provide a disc golf course on Arran that is free to use and will encourage all but young people in particular, to get out and into the environment and particpate in a sport which is gaining in popularity. The British Disc Golf Association are very supportive and have negotiated a deal for the 'holes' which are special baskets and are coming in from Sweden.

The volunteers are all from the island and have been co-ordinated by Chris Parks, who played and trained in disc golf in New Zealand. Businesses have donated materials to create 'tees' and Chris has approached local sports retailers to ask them to stock discs/frisbees.      


- Creation of a new free visitor facility on Arran. 

- Development of disc golf on Arran to a national level. 

- Bringing businesses and the community together. 

- Encourage more outdoor activity for island residents, specifically young people.

It is anticipated that  local business and the wider Arran economy will benefit from and added attraction. Island residents too will be able to use the course for free, to enable as wide a use as possible. A league is already planned and it is also hoped to get onto the national disc golf circuit, with aspiration to host a main competition in the future.