Whiting Bay John Muir Group

Whiting Bay John Muir Group


The project is founded upon the principles of the John Muir Award: discover, explore, conserve and share wilderness places and by working on this project pupils of P6/7 will:

  • Engender within young people a love and connection with Arran’s Wild Places. 
  • Engender within young people a desire to care for these places.
  • Learn about the indigenous flora and fauna of Arran and about threats to them
  • Learn about conservation work
  • Take part in conservation work under the direction of Country Park Rangers and Forest Education Initiative leader
  • Share information about their project and research with the community.

The Trustees of Arran Trust are delighted to support this project as it will not only benefit the pupils involved but also Arran’s wider community and visitors from the conservation work undertaken.


Pupils will:

  •     keep a journal of observations, thoughts, feelings, interpretations
  •     prepare and make a presentation about chosen endangered  Arran species
  •     take part in litter removal at sites
  •     take part in removal of invasive plants such as rhododendron and dewberry.
  •     prepare wall displays
  •     make a presentation to the local community about their work and findings.
  •         have a greater knowledge of their island and how to care for it.