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Arran High School wishes to introduce MTB into the curriculum but needs skills trails with which to do so.   At present the island does not have much in the way of facilities or MTB specific trails with which to compete with the more established and successful MTB destinations. The Club want to design and construct an all weather, entry level pump track and skills trail at Arran High School and an intermediate to advanced level pump track and skills loop in the Dyemill forest. 

The managed areas will provide secure environments for new and experienced riders alike to learn and hone the skills required to make the most of Arran’s other trails and ensure that they are capable of riding them safely.  In short it is hoped this will be the beginning of greater things to come.


MTB will become part of Arran High School Curriculum.

MTB’ers trained on Arran will be safer and more confident cyclists.

MTB and cycling will become increasingly popular with Arran’s youth with subsequent long term health benefits.

Arran will have the start of a more specific and sustainable MTB product to market.

The club will moitor the sites usage and use these figures and reseach with which to justify any future proposals.

Arran High School Mountain Bike Club will have a facilty with which to host an open day and subsequent biking events open to the public.

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