Brodick Beach Groynes

Brodick Beach Groynes


The beach is in a state of disrepair, and the Brodick  Improvements Committee (BIC) have been working to reinstate this iconic setting for the benefit of residents and visitors alike. The project involves the community of Brodick, who have been most supportive, and also the wider island community and visitors, who feel a special attachment. The installation of groynes, with the help of funding  from the Arran Trust, will help to maintain and reinstate Brodick Beach.

This  work will benefit both residents and visitors alike.



 The outcomes will be
Retention of sand on shoreline
Improved environment for seabirds and marine wildlife
Imporved access along shoreline at water’s edge
Beach suitable for all amenity – playing, swimming, walking, maritime etc
 This project will improve the landscape which was traditionally seen as a key island view and playground for all. Brodick Improvement Committee are reinstating the seashore which is reinstating the landscape and will benefit the wider environment.