Isle of Arran Geopark Development

Isle of Arran Geopark Development


 Setting up of a Geopark on Arran which would not only celebrate the fantastic geology that our island boasts but also to stimulate tourism, bringing economic benefits for island based businesses and service providers.
Our overall aim of increasing tourism to Arran will benefit  individuals and businesses involved in tourism. Better business also means more secure and a potential increase in local jobs, which also benefits the residents and their families, providing employment to local people, to allow families to stay in the area and keep local schools open.
Residents on Arran will also see the benefit of an increased accessibility to learning and visiting the geology of the place they live.
We believe that gaining UNESCO Geopark status for Arran will prove a major and lasting draw for visitors which will help to boost Arran's economy and secure local jobs and would like to thank the Arran Trust for funding towards the scoping of this exciting project. 


Our project will involve:
creating 6 'Geology Trails' 
setting up an interpretation centre.
improving the interpretation and Geology displays at National Trust for Scotland's Brodick Castle Ranger Centre and the Isle of Arran Heritage Museum
organising 3 annual 'GeoFest' events
developing a website and using digital technology to interpret the landscape and geology of the island.
market Arran as a world class destination for Geology.
bringing together information about existing services, events and experiences in Arran's outdoors and creating new opportunities for local businesses in areas where there are gaps, particularly in terms of discovering the island's geology and create 7 new jobs.