Lamlash Improvements take on Clearances Monument

Lamlash Improvements take on Clearances Monument


The Clearances Monumnet sited in the centre of Lamlash is historically significant.  The site represents the 300 Arran people who were sent to Megantic County back in 1829-1840 as part of the Arran Clearances, where people were moved from crofts to make way for sheep.

The first group of 86 sailed on the brig Caledonia in 1829 and you can see the mound on Lamlash green where they had their last sermon on Arran soil.

The monument has many visitors from abroad wishing to make links with their ancestors, but it is in a poor state.  The Lamlash Improvements Committee aim to work with local schoolchildren to clear and replant the monument area.


A far improved and more easily maintained site, which will enhance the general amenity of the area.