Virtual Hive & Children's Beesuits

Virtual Hive & Children's Beesuits


To place a virtual bee-hive with all other beehive parts at the Arran Bee Group's apiary at the Brodick castle Ranger Centre tree nursery and  to be able to have 2 suits for children and  gloves available for practical experience in actual hives. This will  show the make-up of a working hive and, with the Virtual Hive, show all the possible workings of a real hive (without stings!)
This will help to educate children and visitors about the importance of bees and pollination in today's world and will allow "hands-on" experience for 2 children at a time when Bee Group members are working at the Castle.
The Arran Bee Group are vwery grateful for the Arran Trust's continued support.


This project will encourage and benefit young naturalists, visitors to the Ranger Centre, any interested members of the public and potential future beekeepers. it will hopefully encourage an interest in beekeeping in people, especially children, and led to an increase the number of Beekeepers on the Island.
Anything which involves beekeeping enhansces biodiversity, landscape character and local produce.