Arran bird Atlas

ACTIVITY Arran Natural History Society approached the Arran Trust for financial support for the publication of an Arran Bird Atlas. This book will describe the mapping of the birds of Arran for the first time. Over 36,000 records on 177 species were collected…

Arran Black Grouse ReIntroduction programme

ACTIVITY The Arran Black Grouse Re-Introduction Programme received money from Arran Trust to support a breeding programme reintroducing black grouse on Arran. OUTCOME Arran Trust helped establish this hand reared breeding programme and once the group have…

Duke of Edinburgh Kayaking and Seabird Survey

ACTIVITY Six young people are attemtping to circumnavigate the island in kayaks over 2 x 3 days in June/July 2016. In those times they will complete a practice and an assessed kayak expedition. They will also complete a survey of seabirds in their breeding…

Roots of Arran Community Woodland

ACTIVITY A 2 km path is needed to access the North-East side of the side which is still impenetrable on foot due to clearfell debris, deadwood and deep holes/bogs Opening up this part of the site will form a large loop which would mean we could continue to…

String Road Waterfall

ACTIVITYThis waterfall was historically a very popular spot with a lay-by to allow…
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